In a recent Washington Post article titled “Don’t be confused when it comes to condo insurance,” Robert Diamond of Reed Smith’s Tyson office offered his observations on the complexities of condominium insurance coverage.

In some jurisdictions, when a unit owner is found to be negligent — such as when a bathtub overflows or there is a kitchen fire, and other units or common areas are damaged — the owner can be held responsible for paying the entire association deductible. However, that’s not always the case. In Maryland and the District, said Robert M. Diamond, a partner at the Reed Smith law firm in McLean, “there is a limit or cap of $5,000 on the master policy deductible that owners — who may or may not be negligent — could be required to pay.”

Mr. Diamond also considered the difficulties of finding knowledgeable insurance advice.  “You can’t expect your personal insurance agent to read through the association documents, but you can expect him or her to call the property manager and request a copy of the certificate of insurance for the master policy and then make a determination as to the insurance coverage you should have.”

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