The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 transformed the global hospitality industry as governments imposed lockdowns in an attempt to stop the virus’s spread, which halted global travel and inhibited the vast majority of in-person events. This was an unprecedented challenge for the industry, which was required to quickly adapt and innovate in order to survive.

The industry has bounced back and proven to be hugely resilient and innovative, coming through the worst of the pandemic and discovering new ways to provide services to clients. However, the hospitality industry is now facing several other factors that are driving significant change and providing fresh challenges and opportunities.

In an effort to support the industry in preparing for the future, lawyers from across Reed Smith’s global real estate team have contributed to this report to provide an A–Z guide on what tomorrow’s hospitality world could look like and how to navigate the legal and regulatory challenges and opportunities that the shifting landscape presents. Themes considered include finance, sustainability, tech and marketing, new trends, data and employment. We hope you enjoy reading the report and as always, we welcome your feedback and questions.

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