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One year to go. Are you ready for the MEES Regulations?

It’s now less than one year to go until the Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015, commonly known as the MEES Regulations (minimum energy efficiency standards) come into effect. It is time to act if you haven’t already. The MEES Regulations (the Regulations) provide that: From 1 April 2018 landlords of … Continue Reading

(US) Tenant’s Proportionate Share of Taxes: Don’t Overpay

Many commercial leases pass through to tenants a proportionate share of the landlord’s operating expenses and taxes for the property based on terms expressed in the lease. However, some landlords attempt to pass-through certain taxes that a tenant should not be expected to pay.   A recent lease negotiation on behalf of an industrial client … Continue Reading

(US) Open and Transparent -or- Hide the Ball? Some Leasing Best Practices

Recently, the Commercial Lease Law Insider advised landlords to avoid lease disputes by refusing to disclose the square footage of the space. The Landlord is well advised to follow a course of action that creates trust and fosters a mutually beneficial long term Landlord/Tenant relationship. https://www.commercialleaselawinsider.com/article/dont-put-square-footage-or-dimensions-lease. The size of the tenant’s space, expressed in square … Continue Reading

Competition Law and Land Agreements!

This post was written by Philip Olmer, Marjorie Holmes and Siobhan Hayes. From the time the UK joined the EEC, sections of UK industry have had to grapple with European competition law requirements on anti competitive and monopolistic behaviour. In terms of real estate, competition law had really only affected public sector procurement projects and certain … Continue Reading

Competition Law Applies to Existing UK Property Deals

In our previous posting 'Land Agreements come under the Competition Law Spotlight' when government consultation was underway, we reported on the likely impact of Competition Law applying to property deals. Whilst the issue arose out of the Competition Commission's market investigation into the supply of groceries, the changes that will apply from 6 April 2010 can affect any property agreements and will affect pre-existing agreements as well as anything to be entered into after 6 April. The commercial property world needs a new competition law mindset.… Continue Reading

Investors selling properties in the UK – do you know enough about your carbon emissions?

In earlier postings on our environmental update blog we have introduced the UK's Carbon Reduction Commitment (Energy Efficiency) Scheme ("CRC"). From 1 April 2010 the CRC Regulations will apply. Property investors, even those who fall outside the CRC themselves, will have to supply their buyers with information on their buildings' carbon emissions. Lack of information could wreck the timetable for the deal. This posting is designed to give you a brief idea of what you will need to disclose on the sale of an investment property once the CRC comes into force on 1st April this year.… Continue Reading

Land Agreements come under the Competition Law Spotlight

This post was written by Siobhan Hayes and Lesley Davey. At the beginning of October the UK’s Competition Commission (CC) recommended to Government that introduces as “competition test” in planning decisions for large grocery stores. This follows on from the CC’s 2008 supermarkets’ investigation where it found that the planning regime helped larger supermarkets restrict … Continue Reading

CVAs and their effect on landlords

This post was written by Siobhan Hayes and Katherine Campbell. This week we have seen the headlines about the Focus DIY Corporate Voluntary Arrangement (CVA). It is reported that landlords have accepted the CVA and that will enable Focus to continue a significant part of the business and to retain a large number of jobs. Welcome news … Continue Reading

Can landlords carry out environmental surveys during the lease term?

This post was written by Siobhan Hayes and Richard Nicoll. Landlords/investors involved in selling or refinancing tenanted properties may need to carry out intensive environmental tests to satisfy the buyer/lender.  Can landlords do these without the tenant’s co-operation, for which a tenant may seek a high price?  Leases of commercial property reserve specific rights of … Continue Reading

Risk to building owners – Remember to Notify Your Insurers

This post was written by Siobhan Hayes and Richard Nicoll. The duty on investors and other owners to notify building insurers and keep them updated of all material circumstances should not be under-estimated.  Failure to do this may result in cover being prejudiced. An unusual case that reached the Court of Appeal earlier this year … Continue Reading